Data Without Action, is Useless Data

Data Without Action, is Useless Data

If you read this blog and you are working in the Business Intelligence (BI) industry, you probably know what I talk about when I say that almost every company I have worked with, every client that I have met often do not know the extent of their data.

They don’t know what they have, what they need or what they want to do with it. I have seen this frustration on clients faces and I have noticed the inefficiencies that happen in companies.

Over the past couple of years, I have been specializing in Yellowfin BI. To me there are few things that are more exciting than using Yellowfin BI to find solutions that are truly value adding. That moment when you get out of the starting blocks, only having a blank canvas or that early-stage prototype concept and ultimately transforming it into something that makes the end user’s eye sparkle with excitement – that to me is exactly the reason why I do what I do.

When clients realize that they are sitting on a gold mine of information, their complete amazement at what they can do with their own data always astounds me. It is not that they did not have the data before – it is just that now, they can actually use it! Alex Peiniger, CEO at Quintly rightly states “In the end you should only measure and look at the numbers that drive action, meaning that the data tells you what you should do next”.

Data that does not help companies or clients make decisions, or lead to action, as Alex mentions, is worthless.

Ok, ok! I will get of my soap box now. It should be clear to you by now how passionate I am about data, BI and the world of data analytics. But ONLY if this adds value!

Yellowfin BI is my bread and butter. There are a variety of BI tools out there. I am not here to tell you which ones are better than others but what I can tell you is that Yellowfin BI is a game-changer and the best of all – it is FUN!

Over the years working with Yellowfin BI, I’ve picked up some useful tips and tricks, a few hacks, and some best practices. I would like to share this with you. You can call them my lessons learned, my trial and error but in short I want to share my knowledge on Yellowfin BI with you.

In other words, this blog is dedicated to all things Yellowfin, mostly with a technical spin.