Turning Text into Hyperlinks

Turning Text into Hyperlinks

This article explains how to use the Link to URL column formatting option to create hypertext links within a field.

It is possible to turn a field into a hyperlink that is linked to a document hosted on your network or to an external website. To do this, you should add the field to your report and change the formatting from text to link to URL.

Below are the steps how this is done:

  1. Create a new report based on the Ski Team view.

  2. Add Gender and Invoiced Amount fields into the Columns area.

    Add Columns

  3. Format the Gender column so that Format is set to “Link to URL”. This will use the value of the field as part of a clickable URL.

    Link to URL

  4. Enter the URL that you would like to open when the user clicks on the field value. We are going to open the Merriam Webster (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/) dictionary and lookup the meaning of Male or Female.

    To dynamically pass the Gender value as a parameter, we are going to use ##. The value ## will be replaced by the field value in the URL. The URL should now look like this: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/##.

    This chart will allow you to display multiple metrics on the same chart, while using two different scales in order to compare metrics of very different proportions.

    Dynamic URL

  5. Close the Column formatting menu.

  6. You will now be able to click on the values in the Gender column and open the dictionary with the full meaning.

  7. Other settings that are available is:

    URL Type: This can be set to Remote or Local. If Local is selected, you have the option to prepend the external base URL of your Yellowfin instance.

    New Window: Open the URL in a new Window or the current Window.

    Display as Text: The text that will be displayed in the tabular report. Here you can also use ## to add the value of the field, for example “Lookup ##” which will be displayed as “Lookup Male” and “Lookup Female”.